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Leverage advanced mathematical models to predict patient volumes in four hour increments by shift, day, week, or month. Overlay staff scheduling data and coverage rules from API Healthcare, Cerner, or Kronos to make accurate real-time decisions.

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StaffRight home screen
StaffRight home screen

Oversee your department

StaffRight is your staffing command center. From the home screen, immediately view staffing alerts, department activity including census and ADT activity, and your staffing schedule.

Receive actionable alerts

StaffRight's alerts screen provides a list of actionable alerts ranging from high and low census alerts, to over and understaffing alerts. Customize how and when you receive alerts.

StaffRight alerts screen
StaffRight planner screen

Core schedule planning

Use StaffRight's planner to align your core schedule with forecasted census. StaffRight can forecast up to 16 months out and provides you with powerful tools to ensure that you have the right coverage across departments.

Take the guesswork out of staffing

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