Agilecast Analytics-as-a-Service

Agilecast is an analytics-as-a-service platform designed to forecast patient volume and staffing need. We use various statistical models to analyze hundreds of thousands of data points including historical census data, patient acuity, and diagnoses, to provide accurate staffing demand forecasts. Deployed as a microservice, Agilecast serves staffing and scheduling software systems with customized outputs that can be integrated with existing technology stacks and user interfaces.

Leverage an off-the-shelf solution

Why spend countless hours and dollars building an in-house analytics solution when you can leverage Prescience Health's customized algorithms and various integration methods?


Agilecast is fully integrated into your tech stack. Offered as a web service, Agilecast allows you to own your data while offering an out-of-the box forecasting solution.

Custom data forecasts

You choose what to forecast. Using sophisticated statistical models in Agilecast, forecast data including patient volumes, staffing need, acuity, and even non-staffing resources.


Agilecast can be deployed on-premise or remotely using Microsoft Azure. We will also work with you to develop a custom deployment environment.


Accuracy 30 days outs

We understand that forecasting accuracy matters to you. That's why we use a variety of sophisticated statistical models to accurately forecast patient volumes and staffing demand. Learn more about how we achieved a 91% forecasting accuracy one month out analyzing 60 units of a large hospital system located on the East Coast

Take the guesswork out of staffing

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