Improve unit coverage and reduce overtime costs

Use data science to forecast patient demand and align nursing staff.


White Paper: Optimizing Unit Coverage

There are direct and indirect costs to poor nurse staffing. Learn how you can leverage data science to accurately forecast patient demand and staffing need, and decrease labor costs and improve nurse retention.

Off-the-shelf predictive analytics for staffing

We make it to forecast patient demand and staffing need. Our model gives you the power of data science at your fingertips to make critical operational decisions.


Our StaffRight platform is staffing and scheduling software and EMR agnostic.

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Leverage our algorithms and directly integrate into your existing tech stack.

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Take the guesswork out of staffing

Schedule a demo and learn more about how predictive analytics can help you staff better
Crisp Regional


Achieving productivity gains

Learn about how a regional hospital in Georgia saw a 15% improvement in Average Length of Stay.

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Forecasting accuracy


Why forecasting accuracy matters

Your census and staffing need forecasts should be more accurate than your weather forecasts.

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