Optimize your staff scheduling.

Leverage predictive analytics to align clinical staff with forecasted patient volumes.

Providers integrate StaffRight, a software-as-a-service platform, with staffing and scheduling systems to improve unit coverage, better manage staffing budgets, and increase staff productivity.

Our solution is your advantage

Forecast Patient Volume

Leverage advanced mathematical models to predict patient volumes in four hour increments by shift, day, week, or month.

Administrative Reports

Build customized reports to compare forecasted staff needs with historical data and actual data.

Integrated Scheduling

Overlay staff scheduling data and coverage rules from Cerner, Kronos, API, or ShiftWizard to make accurate real-time decisions.

Customized Settings

Obtain relevant information for each user and department with fully customizable settings and screens.

Minimal Deployment

Enjoy hassle-free deployment with a secure cloud-based software. Integrate additional applications and data quickly.

Trusted Forecasts

Our forecasts are trusted by clients ranging from large providers to scheduling systems and a Fortune 500 company.

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